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Obtain an online university degree or learn English online without traveling to the UK.

The Global Study Academy Online learning programs are ideal for those who want to pursue a career or learn English but do not have time to study abroad. Online learning can be done at any time and anywhere in the world. You’ll be introduced to a cost-effective, timely flexible and unique virtual learning environment for online undergraduate and graduate courses that can be accessed from anywhere.

Online master’s degree programs are the world’s most preferred international distance learning programs.

With online master’s degree programs, those who already graduated from a university and had to jump into the working life or those who does not have time/opportunity to study for a master’s degree, can get the chance to advance in their academic and business careers while continuing their daily life.

We assign a personal student advisor to every student in the programs where the latest technologies are utilised and used.

Contact us if you have any question or require more information on the application, fees, admission conditions and

Degree Programs

The Global Study Academy has an advanced program diversity in online master’s programs through the best and successful universities across the UK. Our online MBA programs are preferred especially by those who are either currently working in their profession or working in the senior management level.

We also provide in online Bachelor’s Degree programs in Medicine, Engineering, IT, Arts and law.

All our programs and courses are developed by industry leaders and academicians specialized in their area of expertise. You can access lectures, e-books, class discussion forums, library, and recorded videos 7/24. At the same time, both teachers and students can actively participate in real-time chats through the virtual learning platform. You will also be unleashing in English language during your classes.

MBA Online Master Program:

The MBA master programs, which are preferred by most employees and senior executives who want to study online, provide theoretical knowledge, techniques and tools for those who want to be an effective leader and gain these qualifications.

You will have up-to-date information about the important subjects related to business and management, as well as the development of skills such as analysis, interpretation of data, practical thinking and problem resolving, negotiation and persuasion, adaptation and communication within the team.

The courses offered by a wide range of management principles and applications, marketing principles and practices, financial decision-making, leadership in practice and economics for executives. They can all be accessed from anywhere in the world through our virtual learning platform.

Business and Management Online Master Program:

How do businesses develop strategies, handle risks and take decisions? What is involved in marketing, accounting and finance?

Our online master’s programs are designed to reach a comprehensive level of knowledge about the modern management concepts and techniques.

You’ll investigate how the organisations think and work, how they’re managed, and the external world in which they operate. You can focus entirely on business management, or choose to specialise within the subject areas of accounting, economics, leadership practice, innovation and enterprise or marketing.

Entry Requirements and Registration

  • You have to complete a 4-year university equivalent to the UK degree.
  • Having an IELTS test level of 6.5 and above will give you a better understanding of the lessons you will see in English.

If you need support on English language, you can register to one of our Online intensive English programs.

Career Opportunities

Those who prefer online master programs in the UK, will definitely be one step ahead in the job applications. Upon completion of our prestigious and online education, you will receive a diploma from an award-winning university.


Online tuition fees are the same for every student, either from the UK or from a different country.

Fees vary between £ 3,000 and £ 12,000 on average, depending on the programs you intend to study.

While helping students on payment issues, at the same time we arrange tuition fees with monthly payment plans so that everyone can receive education they deserve.

We also offer a 10% discount on the online tuition fees for students who have completed an online bachelor’s degree. Contact us for detailed information.

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